Here at White Birch Studio we are family first. My love for jewelry making and design was passed onto me from my mom. I loved to watch her work and was always excited to see the finished product. When I started doing my own jewelry my son also liked to watch me. He has also taken and interest in the "family biz" and creates his own designs a well.

When I found electroforming I fell in love!  The combo of science and nature resulting in a beautiful piece of wearable art is exciting to me. I love that i can combine two things thought to be so separate into one cohesive design.

Everything we do is with respect to Mother Nature and done with the utmost importance on using ethically sourced crystals,stones and supplies. We love being in nature and consider it an honor that our designs encompass the feel and authentic beauty of our world. 

It is with great pleasure that we offer you our jewelry. As always we love to collaborate with our clients to bring their dream piece to life.  

Welcome to the WBS family. We wish you love, light and a heart filled with peace.